Welcome to Printer & Press, home to the artwork of Amy Ferguson, a place where old techniques take on a modern twist. This business is based on her love for drawing and printing, as well as nature and all things fantasy.  Her work is inspired by methods of creating art that are rooted in the history of printmaking while embracing modern developments in creating imagery. Drawing, however, is the most important part of each piece, taking hours of time to create each delicate line with pen or etching needle. It is about making art, from cards to etchings, that can be accessible to a wide variety of people; art that can take anyone to a new place or an old memory. Take a look through the pages of this site to see the work and learn more about the many processes used to make each piece as well as the schedule of upcoming shows where you can see it all in person!

Why Printer & Press? I have chosen to represent myself as Printer & Press because I believe that my work is made better by the use of printing methods both old and new, methods that I consider to be an art just as much as the artwork I create.  I consider myself a printmaker in every sense of the word, when pulling etching prints, when setting up my digital files to print correctly, even when hand-making cards continually, my hands are performing the same action over and over.  Repetition is essential to my being; I strive for continual routine in every aspect of my life, which coincides with the way I work.  I love drawing more than anything, but I want my business to reflect the process and ways in which I create my artwork for sale, bringing past and present together as Printer & Press.